Why the Video Technology Attracts Website Traffic

by Webmaster

Brand marketers have used content marketing to promote products since the 1800s. Since then, the face of contentVideo Marketing marketing has evolved to align the marketing strategies with the advancing technology and the changing market behavior of customers. Behind these evolving marketing approaches and focus, we get a glimpse of the reasons for the changes. Following the rationale of these changes, we see a pressing need for content marketers to keep track of current technologies and be abreast with marketing trends.

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The Changing Ideas in Content Marketing

A lot have gone into the evolution and development of the content marketing strategies and approaches, but what is important about these changes is the insights that we get from the ideas and events that spurred the changes.
When we look at the beginnings of content marketing, we see the path dotted by influential brands, inventions, trends, innovators, campaigns, and events that marked their history. The focus of the strategy shifted as well from product sales to customer needs and preferences. Customers were streamlined from general to target audience.
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Today, we see the digital age and networking as another historical event, changing the face of content marketing. The coming of the digital age and social media shifted the marketing strategies from print media, radio and television advertising, and direct mailing to its digital counterpart. Anyone with an internet connection can now create content, resulting to the proliferation of content online designed promote products and services to a broader audience cheaply.

While content creation became a boon to companies in the digital age, it produced a downside. There came a rush of content creation by many brands on the various social media channels, but ultimately turned out to be a waste of marketing investments.

Return on investment is important. To ensure that we get the most from our investments, we need to:
1) Come out with quality content, rather than quantity, which has an impact on the target audience
2) Be on top of technological innovations and content marketing practices.

These two points spell the success of marketing the product and services. One technology that has grown in importance is the use of videos in the creation of content. Here are some useful statistics that show the growing preference of consumers for video content:

  • 64% of consumers are likely to have a negative perception of a poorly created video. This percentage shows video creation is not on any video, but on high quality ones.
  • Businesses that invest in video content show a return on investment faster by 49% and 70% more conversions.
  • 74% Millenials find video content useful when comparing products and services.
  • 40% of consumers are likely to purchase products from their mobile devices

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The Video Advantage
Traditional advertising has evolved into content marketing and to the use of videos for online content. It has become evident that videos are the medium of choice for online users. In 2015 alone, a study shows that video views for the month of April was 4 billion and rose to 8 billion in September of the same year, and the trend shows every indication of a continued increase in the following years.

So, why choose videos to add value to content?

  1. People pay more attention to the face in interaction. The face emit signals of different emotions that are readilyhow to promote video recognized by the one viewing: the brows, the eyes, the lips. This recognition of facial expression appear to be a function of the human brain. By watching the movements and expressions on the face, viewers can recognize if the facial expressions show credibility and trustworthiness.
  2. The voice is a rich source of information. For the video viewers, the voice is part of what the speaker believes. From the sound and tone of your voice, therefore, the viewers make judgements on the speaker’s attitude and the ideas presented.
  3. Emotions are contagious. Have you ever observed how babies smile when we smile and cry when we distort our faces. Video viewers are like that. A face, which shows conviction and belief in the ideas presented will pass on to video viewers.
  4. Movement attracts. People move when they talk. They use gestures to enhance communication and make a point. Gestures serve a communicative function, and when used with speech or in conversation, it assumes a different level of communication. Gestures with talk gives images of ideas that present these ideas in a more vivid way.

Creating video content has its advantages. The power of the video to move into action is proven by the increasing number of website traffic online and viewers who opt to watch videos rather than read white papers. We do not have to be experts in technology and consumer behavior to come up with high quality videos.

Times are changing and technology is changing the face of content marketing. Now, it is video creation and optimization. Advances in technology show promise of future directions in content marketing. By adapting to the changing times, you stay on top of your business.

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