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Five Tips for Buying Golf Equipment

by Mary Murphy

They say that when it comes to either playing an instrument or playing a sport, superior skills matter more than superior equipment. However, there’s no debating the fact that even the best performers or athletes would be significantly handicapped if they were forced to compete using shoddy gear. And in this case, golfers are no exception.Golf-Equipment

Choosing the right equipment is a must in any field, but even expert golfers sometimes tend to miss the mark. Generally, golfers are advised to seek assistance at golf equipment retailers (like those that specialize in Callaway golf products) before they actually purchase anything, but for those who might be forced to order their stuff online.

The following are a few helpful tips for ensuring that they get the right apparatus :

  1. Buy equipment from tried and tested companies.

This is a must, especially for golfers who are just starting out since substandard gear can greatly sabotage a beginner’s form and enthusiasm. Tried and tested golf equipment retailers and manufacturers (such as Callaway golf) have had decades to hone the techniques for manufacturing quality equipment and regularly undergo strict quality control inspections to maintain their product standards.

Lesser known retailers and manufacturers (especially the ones that sell golf equipment at suspiciously low prices) are generally not as strict as their more established counterparts with regards to manufacturing and sourcing their merchandise. Thus, purchasing from them tends to be more costly and possibly even dangerous in the long run.

  1. Consider the terrain of the home court prior to buying golf wedges.

Whether a golf wedge needs to have more bounce or more loft greatly depends on whether the player’s home golf course has a wide, sandy landscape (which requires more bounce) or tight, elevated greens (which requires more loft). A golfer can always buy a set of golf wedges with varying levels of bounce and loft, of course, but beginners on a limited budget can focus on one or two golf wedges first.

  1. Do not purchase a “one size fits all” golf club.

For one, there is really no such thing, and no respectable golf equipment retailer or manufacturer (such as Callaway golf) would even suggest such a thing. Golfers come in different shapes, sizes, and heights and they also employ significantly different forms and swings.Golf Equipment

Thus, a golf club’s length, weight, and angle should be carefully examined to make sure that they match the player’s physical build and skill level. Since picking the right golf club is perhaps the most essential step towards building a good set of equipment, it is also highly recommended for the golfer to visit a reputable golf equipment retailer (e.g. those that offer Callaway golf) so that they can get fitted for one properly.

  1. Choosing the right set of golf balls also matters.

The ideal golf ball is neither too hard nor too soft, and usually spins low off a driver but does otherwise on a wedge. Golf courses do have standard-issue golf balls on hand, but the aspiring golfer might want to invest in their own set to encourage a bit more uniformity in their play.

  1. Keep in mind that ladies and children have different equipment requirements.

For those who want to get their kids started at a young age, choosing a starter set of golf clubs that are scaled down to the child’s size is imperative. Also, some parents might be tempted to purchase a full set of 14 junior golf clubs right away, but a starter set is recommended at the onset since the child might lose interest in the sport right away.

For female golfers, on the other hand, they should pay close attention to the height and weight of the clubs that they purchase. Women tend to have lighter builds than their male counterparts and getting a heavyweight set can be counterproductive.