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Signs That Say a Motivational Speaker Is Losing the Audience

by Rosemary Tyson

It is surprising just how many motivational speakers lack sensitivity to their surroundings. They fail to notice that they are already losing the audience because they are so busy basking in the “attention” and staying focused on their speech. Some people can only focus on one thing at a time after all. These speakers usually lack emotional quotient (EQ) to even throw attention to what’s happening in front of them.


What’s more surprising is that because the top motivational speakers are the ones who are on top of their organizations or at the peak of their professions, many of them have also developed egos and overconfidence that make them believe that failure and ineffectiveness are impossible for speakers.

Nevertheless, many speakers know exactly what happens in the crowd. They know that the audience is already slipping away but choose not to pay any attention to it so as to save their concentration and avoid feeling embarrassed while speaking.

This can be a good thing and a bad thing. It’s a good thing if they use this strategy to stay focused on the important matter, which is to deliver the speech as effective as they can for those who are still listening intently. On the other hand, it is a bad thing if they make a habit out of ignoring their audience when they start to slip away because it means that they try to get it over with instead of try to win them back. This type of motivational speaker is considered a speaker for the few.

A motivational speaker shouldn’t be like that because his job is not merely to deliver an inspiring speech but also to make sure that everyone in the audience actually pays attention. A speaker needs to do this if he wants to save his face and reputation, as well as that of the organizers.

What a motivational speaker needs is EQ and sensitivity. Or, why not start by taking notice of the signs that say the audience is already slipping away.


When the venue becomes noisier because of whispers and snorts in unison, it’s a sign that the members of the audience are already getting bored or losing interest on the topic. They are doing other things to pass time.

There are some techniques that may help you gain back their attention. You can speak louder to overcome the noise. It’s a little harsh, but they will understand what you are trying to do. You can also use transitional phrases to imply that something interesting and important is about to come. Another way is to make a breather, like an anecdote, joke, or multimedia presentation.

2.People chatting with one another

Two people chatting with one another do not necessarily create noise, but they can be obvious from where the motivational speaker stands.

People chat with one another due to boredom or lack of interest. However, it’s also possible that they are having an exchange of opinions in response to your statements. They may also be disagreeing with you.


When you see them chat, you can do the same with number one but also focus your attention towards their direction. They won’t risk getting embarrassed so they will look and listen to you intently once again.

3.Frowning and shaking of head

How can these signs be any more obvious? Surprisingly though, many rookie motivational speakers pay little attention to the facial expressions of their audience, sometimes for a good reason. Some speakers are easily distracted with the audience’s expressions, especially when they indicate disagreement. However, it’s important to take notice because they tell you that there is something wrong.

Again, this can be a sign of boredom, lack of interest, or disagreement. Usually, though, it’s a sign that your statement is not clear enough. Hence, go back to your statement, expound on it, and give more examples or illustrations.

Five Tips for Buying Golf Equipment

by Mary Murphy

They say that when it comes to either playing an instrument or playing a sport, superior skills matter more than superior equipment. However, there’s no debating the fact that even the best performers or athletes would be significantly handicapped if they were forced to compete using shoddy gear. And in this case, golfers are no exception.Golf-Equipment

Choosing the right equipment is a must in any field, but even expert golfers sometimes tend to miss the mark. Generally, golfers are advised to seek assistance at golf equipment retailers (like those that specialize in Callaway golf products) before they actually purchase anything, but for those who might be forced to order their stuff online.

The following are a few helpful tips for ensuring that they get the right apparatus :

  1. Buy equipment from tried and tested companies.

This is a must, especially for golfers who are just starting out since substandard gear can greatly sabotage a beginner’s form and enthusiasm. Tried and tested golf equipment retailers and manufacturers (such as Callaway golf) have had decades to hone the techniques for manufacturing quality equipment and regularly undergo strict quality control inspections to maintain their product standards.

Lesser known retailers and manufacturers (especially the ones that sell golf equipment at suspiciously low prices) are generally not as strict as their more established counterparts with regards to manufacturing and sourcing their merchandise. Thus, purchasing from them tends to be more costly and possibly even dangerous in the long run.

  1. Consider the terrain of the home court prior to buying golf wedges.

Whether a golf wedge needs to have more bounce or more loft greatly depends on whether the player’s home golf course has a wide, sandy landscape (which requires more bounce) or tight, elevated greens (which requires more loft). A golfer can always buy a set of golf wedges with varying levels of bounce and loft, of course, but beginners on a limited budget can focus on one or two golf wedges first.

  1. Do not purchase a “one size fits all” golf club.

For one, there is really no such thing, and no respectable golf equipment retailer or manufacturer (such as Callaway golf) would even suggest such a thing. Golfers come in different shapes, sizes, and heights and they also employ significantly different forms and swings.Golf Equipment

Thus, a golf club’s length, weight, and angle should be carefully examined to make sure that they match the player’s physical build and skill level. Since picking the right golf club is perhaps the most essential step towards building a good set of equipment, it is also highly recommended for the golfer to visit a reputable golf equipment retailer (e.g. those that offer Callaway golf) so that they can get fitted for one properly.

  1. Choosing the right set of golf balls also matters.

The ideal golf ball is neither too hard nor too soft, and usually spins low off a driver but does otherwise on a wedge. Golf courses do have standard-issue golf balls on hand, but the aspiring golfer might want to invest in their own set to encourage a bit more uniformity in their play.

  1. Keep in mind that ladies and children have different equipment requirements.

For those who want to get their kids started at a young age, choosing a starter set of golf clubs that are scaled down to the child’s size is imperative. Also, some parents might be tempted to purchase a full set of 14 junior golf clubs right away, but a starter set is recommended at the onset since the child might lose interest in the sport right away.

For female golfers, on the other hand, they should pay close attention to the height and weight of the clubs that they purchase. Women tend to have lighter builds than their male counterparts and getting a heavyweight set can be counterproductive.

How to Make your Technology Blog Successful

by Webmaster

In the late 1990s, blogging had been introduced as a dynamic and free-form platform, which engages with their readers across the globe by updating their daily personal musings online. It used to function solely as an online journal, which keeps record of the author’s memory. Aside from it being made public for a lot of people to see, a profound difference that it had with an ordinary diary was that blogging has a feature, which enables sharing links and posting comments to further increase interaction with readers.

Over the years, the purpose of blogging has matured into an informative medium, which allows sharing of knowledge Technology Bloggingand expertise on just about anything. Today, blogging is no longer limited to doing daily updates about people’s personal and detailed lives. Mainstream blogging has got authors or “bloggers” hooked into discussing any hobby or interest they have always been passionate about. There is now an unlimited number of niche blogs that focus on any topic – news, economics, cooking, fashion, lifestyle, music, films, etc.

Eventually, blogging has been legitimized as an essential digital marketing tool. Freelance writers actually turned their blogs into a fast-growing business just by posting relevant content as their entries. Even entrepreneurs and professionals alike have perceived their worth and value when it comes to boosting or marketing their businesses. Because of its capacity to reach hundreds or even thousands of readers, brand awareness and increased engagement with a targeted audience are just few of the many benefits of blogging.

Even almost every newspaper publication has embraced blogging and started to post relevant content on just about anything next to their standard news stories.

What is Technology Blogging?

Technology blogs are just like any niche blogs. Their sole focus just happens to be on any technology-related news like gadget reviews and product announcements. As mentioned above, people have resorted to blogging as a business venture, which enables them to earn money just by getting readers to click the links to their blog posts. However, not all blogs deliver prolific results. Just like any product, it has to have a certain appeal for it build awareness and attraction.

Today, technology blogging has become such a crowded space. Because tech blogs usually discuss news or announcements on gadgets and electronic products, there isn’t much of a point to check out other blogs anymore since most writers just recycle or rehash news stories they derived from another source. Technology blogging has become so mainstream and saturated, it’s pretty much a competition with everybody else when we consider going into it.

To run a successful technology blog, a shift in style and manner of approaching a topic has to be done to gain an audience. Something new or different has to be offered to get them interested.

Essentials of Techno Blog Writing

To make a technology blog deliver success in the long run, we need to know the basics of writing one. As said earlier, technology blogs are now saturated with basically the same content, just re-worded in a different manner. The targeted audience of these kinds of blogs are intelligent enough to glean relevant content simultaneously and perceive the author’s writing as worth reading or not.

The following are the essential steps to take in writing a technology blog:

Striking Headlines

To start off, we have to tempt our readers to click the links of our blogpost. Get their attention with short headlines Blog Writingthat partly gives a glimpse on what they want to know about.

Enticing Introductions

Now that we encouraged them to check out our blog, begin with a hook, line, and sinker introductory paragraph that will reel them to further read the rest of the entry. The first few sentences will either make or break a blog. We do not fill the first paragraph with unnecessary details. Instead, we go straight to the point.

Well-structured Content

A good blogger will not confuse his readers with unorganized content. A certain flow or sequence must be established to be considered comprehensive and organized. Properly segment post/articles/entries with sub-headlines and bullet points.

Use of Persuasive language

Being persuasive in writing or convincing readers to take our word about a certain thing is a skill that we need to hone if we want to make a techno blog gain popularity in the long run. In writing technology blogs, the use of emotionally manipulative language and pleas is highly discouraged, especially since common readers of said blogs tend to be quite critical and objective. Instead, we should use relevant facts, data, and logic to support our claims – they’ll find it hard to argue and they’ll come around to see our way of things.


There’s not much to see in a techno blog if others can already tell it’s the sort of news they’ve already read from another blog. The technique to writing a great content, which is more compelling to read than the rest is to know what our readers really want to know. We do not rehash the same idea from others repeatedly. Often, a good and original blog content teaches its readers how to apply information.

 Use of Visuals

A blog entry with a huge block of text on one webpage can bore readers. Usually, depending on the length of the text or complexity of the information, readers can forget about what they just read. Using visuals, however, prove to aid them in comprehending information, and gaining further attention. People are more inclined to read along the way if we incorporate in between blocks of texts images that are within context and of good quality.

For a better presentation of information, we can also use videos that can explain or demonstrate applications, customer testimonials, etc. Videos are efficient marketing tools and they help process information faster.

Sharing your Entries

To gain a lead in traffic, promoting our blog is essential. Quality content is not enough if word does not get around thatSocial Sharing it is a must-read. Fortunately, social media has paved a way for us to share our writing to a wide range of audience. Knowing the right places to share helps. These social networking sites are, namely, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Instagram, and lately, Snapchat.


Just as the introduction of the blog matters, so does the end. A good blog has several ways on drive the point home. A gripping take-home message does not just sum up everything we just wrote. There wouldn’t be much of a point to write it in the end if we just repeated everything in just a few words. A good way to wrap it all up is to invite the readers to take action or put into practice what they just read by citing an example or being specific about what they can do.

We can also share them other resources to help them further in their reading about a topic. Asking them questions to encourage them to post comments and engage interaction also makes a blog popular. Dropping hints or suggesting them on what they can look forward to in our next entries keeps them on the lookout.

Why the Video Technology Attracts Website Traffic

by Webmaster

Brand marketers have used content marketing to promote products since the 1800s. Since then, the face of contentVideo Marketing marketing has evolved to align the marketing strategies with the advancing technology and the changing market behavior of customers. Behind these evolving marketing approaches and focus, we get a glimpse of the reasons for the changes. Following the rationale of these changes, we see a pressing need for content marketers to keep track of current technologies and be abreast with marketing trends.

An expert marketing and technology like SEO Explode inc helps you to provide in creating value added content to your product or service, and make the process more convenient for you.

The Changing Ideas in Content Marketing

A lot have gone into the evolution and development of the content marketing strategies and approaches, but what is important about these changes is the insights that we get from the ideas and events that spurred the changes.
When we look at the beginnings of content marketing, we see the path dotted by influential brands, inventions, trends, innovators, campaigns, and events that marked their history. The focus of the strategy shifted as well from product sales to customer needs and preferences. Customers were streamlined from general to target audience.
video sharing
Today, we see the digital age and networking as another historical event, changing the face of content marketing. The coming of the digital age and social media shifted the marketing strategies from print media, radio and television advertising, and direct mailing to its digital counterpart. Anyone with an internet connection can now create content, resulting to the proliferation of content online designed promote products and services to a broader audience cheaply.

While content creation became a boon to companies in the digital age, it produced a downside. There came a rush of content creation by many brands on the various social media channels, but ultimately turned out to be a waste of marketing investments.

Return on investment is important. To ensure that we get the most from our investments, we need to:
1) Come out with quality content, rather than quantity, which has an impact on the target audience
2) Be on top of technological innovations and content marketing practices.

These two points spell the success of marketing the product and services. One technology that has grown in importance is the use of videos in the creation of content. Here are some useful statistics that show the growing preference of consumers for video content:

  • 64% of consumers are likely to have a negative perception of a poorly created video. This percentage shows video creation is not on any video, but on high quality ones.
  • Businesses that invest in video content show a return on investment faster by 49% and 70% more conversions.
  • 74% Millenials find video content useful when comparing products and services.
  • 40% of consumers are likely to purchase products from their mobile devices

According to SEO Explode’s website, “Taking a strategic approach to video content creation doesn’t only help you market effectively and create a buzz about your brand or product, but it can also improve your website’s SEO considerably.”

The Video Advantage
Traditional advertising has evolved into content marketing and to the use of videos for online content. It has become evident that videos are the medium of choice for online users. In 2015 alone, a study shows that video views for the month of April was 4 billion and rose to 8 billion in September of the same year, and the trend shows every indication of a continued increase in the following years.

So, why choose videos to add value to content?

  1. People pay more attention to the face in interaction. The face emit signals of different emotions that are readilyhow to promote video recognized by the one viewing: the brows, the eyes, the lips. This recognition of facial expression appear to be a function of the human brain. By watching the movements and expressions on the face, viewers can recognize if the facial expressions show credibility and trustworthiness.
  2. The voice is a rich source of information. For the video viewers, the voice is part of what the speaker believes. From the sound and tone of your voice, therefore, the viewers make judgements on the speaker’s attitude and the ideas presented.
  3. Emotions are contagious. Have you ever observed how babies smile when we smile and cry when we distort our faces. Video viewers are like that. A face, which shows conviction and belief in the ideas presented will pass on to video viewers.
  4. Movement attracts. People move when they talk. They use gestures to enhance communication and make a point. Gestures serve a communicative function, and when used with speech or in conversation, it assumes a different level of communication. Gestures with talk gives images of ideas that present these ideas in a more vivid way.

Creating video content has its advantages. The power of the video to move into action is proven by the increasing number of website traffic online and viewers who opt to watch videos rather than read white papers. We do not have to be experts in technology and consumer behavior to come up with high quality videos.

Times are changing and technology is changing the face of content marketing. Now, it is video creation and optimization. Advances in technology show promise of future directions in content marketing. By adapting to the changing times, you stay on top of your business.

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