An Overview of Steve Wozniak’s Book With An Audible Promo Code To Get It For Free

The book is an autobiography of Steve. IWoz was authored by two authors Wozniak and the California Author and it was published by Norton Company in the United States of America. In his book, Wozniak gives a brief history of his life and the most aspect of the book, is his foundation of Apple Computer. The computer has transformed the world of technology and innovation. Apart from that, he clearly outlines and explains many misconceptions about his relationship with Steve Jobs and his perception of Apple.

Steve starts his exclusive autobiography by shortly explaining about his family. Wozniak clearly explains how his father had a top ranked and confidential job that involved electronics and took good time to explain to him how the electronic gadgets worked. From his close relationship with his father, Steve Wozniak finally admits his success in the field of computers and electronics due to his dad and the mentorship that he received when he was young. He explains on how he started his career in High school, where he made electronic design and engineering a favorite hobby. Furthermore, he cites his chance to interact with computers enabling him understand FORTAN, a computer programming language.

An Overview of IWoz, a book by Steve Wozniak clearly shows the life of the author in a more sequential way. There is a place in the book that ascertains his enrollment in the University and the challenges he faced as he was not able to attend his second year but rather enrolled in another college.

The audience of the book

You might be wondering who the audience of the book is. And from the extensive reading, it is meant for the following;
* Steve Jobs- from the book, you can conclude that Steve and Wozniak were not sailing in the same boat at the beginning of their career. Steve Jobs doubled crossed his friend concerning the price of a game developed and tested by Wozniak. He complains of Jobs paying him $375 instead of $2500 according to their agreement of dividing their payment into halves. The funny scenario led to a formation of a company where both duos were partners and to which it run successfully under their management.

* Those who have the passion of computers and want to explore more in the wide field of technology and innovation.

* You might not have any religious convictions of any form but you will one day come across that individual who will transform your life.

* Students who are engineers and want to learn more in the field as he clearly explains how he worked in companies like HP and Sinclair. You expect to gain a wide range of professional experience from his book.

* Entrepreneurs – Wozniak himself never wanted to change his career of being an engineer. His close friend convinced him to partner together to form a company which eventually led to the production of Apple. From his book, it is evident that career life can change at a blink of an eye and life never revolves at neither one place nor field but has to be flexible.

From the book, you can always expect to learn much and it involves the following; creativity and innovation. The whole book explains the way Wozniak thought beyond the horizon and produced games, learnt intensively how to use FORTAN and practiced entrepreneurship. The book lays a platform for practicing hard work, courage, determination and continued focus.

Reader Reviews

From the reviews you can conclude that Apple is more a lifestyle than just a computer brand. The book has been acknowledged as the best audible book ever in the history of books and Steve Wozniak has been ranked among the best authors of this day. The story of Steve’s personal and career life creates a humorous and exciting moment not leaving the fanatics aside since the inception of Apple. Furthermore, it also elaborates the extensive role played by Steve Jobs in the development of the personal computer.

Apart from that, Wozniak has been ranked at the best inventor and engineer of the 20th century and his Interesting book has received the best reviews ever making it the best book to be in your shelf. With extensive knowledge of technology, engineering and history, the book places Apple at the top of the game and usually it is the Pc to own. You can get this book for free on audible with a coupon available here.